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As an expat myself, I particularly enjoy working with other expats and global nomads to assist in the transition process- before the move, through the culture shock, and even when preparing to repatriate.  Coaching can help you to enjoy the expat adventure and get the most out of your international experience.  You can gain confidence in your ability to navigate a new culture as well as clarify your values and purpose as you move into a new home.  As a coach, I provide support and grounding to help you feel comfortable and take those big steps while building a life in your new country.  Become empowered to embrace the limitless possibilities!


Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching gives you the opportunity to envision your future and develop goals that are in alignment with your vision and values.  You may feel stuck right now and may be looking for inspiration in designing meaningful goals.  Or perhaps you already have a goal/goals in mind and would like support and structure to achieve those goals.  I will work with you from beginning to end to identify and learn to use your internal strengths and external resources in realizing those goals.  Leaning into your strengths allows you to naturally make positive changes and easily take action steps.  You can learn to trust your own intuition and make decisions that move you toward your best life.  You may find inspiration through discovering what you enjoy and doing what you excel at.  Let’s work together on maximizing every facet of your life!



Coaching with Sonya

What does your life look like when you are experiencing all that you love? How do you become the you who will live that life?  What steps will move you toward that life?

As a coach, I use my strengths of curiosity, honesty, and perspective to walk with my clients toward meaningful change.  I see each client as capable and worthy of what brings joy into their lives.  It's my desire to empower my clients to live their best, authentic lives.

I approach coaching from the lens of positive psychology.  This means being with you, the client, where you are; helping you to acknowledge what is working and not working; identifying strengths and values that are uniquely yours; using those strengths to develop well-being and a meaningful life; and achieving the goals you set for yourself. 



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Do you wait for things to happen, or do you make them happen yourself? I believe in writing your own story.
— Charlotte Eriksson

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