About Sonya


One day- just over a decade ago- I said out loud, "I want to travel."  Not too long after that, a short-term job opportunity in Germany presented itself.  I said yes!  Fast forward through that decade to today, and I've now lived and worked in Germany, England, France, Italy, Croatia, Japan, The Netherlands, South Korea, Turkey, and Bahrain.  I've been able to explore countless other places along the way.  I've experienced the ups and downs, discomfort, excitement, wonder, and many other feelings that come with the expat adventure.  Along the way I started thinking, How cool would it be if I used my coaching skills to support other expats who are navigating those ups and downs of being (or becoming) an expat?  And so here I am today, offering to walk with you in this adventure.

In case you're interested in the official pieces, I have worked as a Licensed Professional Counselor and a coach for almost two decades, holding a Master's degree in Clinical Counseling from The Citadel and a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Fielding Graduate University. I am a Certified MentorCoach and an Associate Certified Coach with ICF (International Coach Federation).  Please contact me at sonyaleefields@gmail.com to request more information or to schedule an appointment.